The Most Beatiful Places in Kazakhstan - National Parks

National Parks of Kazakhstan

The most amazing and beautiful places in Kazakhstan are located on the territory of state national natural parks.

National parks are created to preserve the natural attractions of Kazakhstan. Unlike nature reserves, national parks are open for tourists but only for the purpose of ecological tourism and for green-minded people.

These are protected and safe natural areas patrolled by local authorities. An environmental fee is charged for entry into their territory.

In total, there are 13 national natural parks in Kazakhstan (two more are planned to be opened in the nearest future).

National Parks of Kazakhstan

National Parks of the Almaty Region: Location, Territory, Features, Points of Interest

There are 5 national parks on the territory of the Almaty region.

Ile-Alatau National Park

Location: south of the city of Almaty on the northern slope of the Zaili Alatau mountains.

Territory: 198 669 hectares, the length is 120 km from the Chemolgan River in the west to the Turgen River in the east, the width is 30-35 km.

Ile-Alatau National Park is the closest to the city of Almaty. It is Northern Tien Shan - Zaili Alatau mountains framing the city.

Turgen Gorge
Turgen Waterfall in Almaty Region

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Altyn-Emel National Park (UNESCO Site)

Location: in the valley of the Ili River in the Almaty region, between the Ili River and the Kapchagai reservoir in the south, the western spurs of the Dzungarian Alatau mountains in the north, and the cretaceous mountains of Aktau in the east.

Territory: 307 653 hectares

Altyn-Emel is the most deserted national park of the Almaty region, vast and exotic Kazakhstan steppe.

Aygaykum (Singing Sand Dune)
Поющий бархан Айгайкум

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Charyn National Park (UNESCO Site)

Location: in the Charyn River valley of Almaty region.

Territory: 127 050 hectares

Charyn is the most famous and popular national park in the Almaty region.

Charyn Canyon (Valley of Castles)
Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan

Kolsai Lakes National Park

Location: in the Kolsai gorge of the northern Tien Shan, between the ranges of Kungei Alatau and Zaili Alatau, 330 km southeast of the city of Almaty.


The first lake (Lower Kolsai) is at an altitude of 1818 m, its length is 1 km, the width is 400 m, the depth is 80 m.

The second lake (Middle Kolsai, Mynzhylgy) is at an altitude of 2252 m, the largest of the three lakes.

The third lake (Upper Kolsai) is at an altitude of 2850 m.

Kaindy Lake is at an altitude of 1667 meters, the length is about 400 m.

Kolsai Lakes are the most beautiful national park in the Almaty region.

Kolsai Lakes
Kolsai Lakes National Park

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Zhongar-Alatau National Park (UNESCO Site)

Location: on the northern slope of the Zhetysu (Semirechye) Alatau ridge.

Territory: 356 022 hectares, the length is about 300 km from west to east.

Zhongar-Alatau National Park is the largest and the most remote from the city of Almaty.

Upper and Lower Zhasylkol Lakes
Zhasylkol Lake

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All the natural sites of Kazakhstan and especially the Almaty region are pretty well studied. However, the parks are so huge that they give the impression of absolutely wild and untouched nature. This makes Kazakhstan a unique place for ecotourism and caravanning.