Mini Caravan in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Teardrop Trailer Yenisei

The Yenisei teardrop trailer is a compact motorhome designed for 2 adults and one child.

With durable and comfortable Yenisei, you can safely spend the night in any natural place where you can get by car. In the equipped kitchenette, you can transport all the necessary groceries and cook your favorite food.

Protected from wind and weather, animals and insects, the heated Yenisei trailer provides a warm and dry atmosphere even on frosty days, and excellent ventilation makes it possible to spend the night in it even in hot weather.

Specifications, Description, Photos

  • A comfortable camper with a shelf for a child, cabinets for accessories and a soft mattress.
  • Equipped outdoor kitchen: washbasin with faucet and water tank, gas stove, food containers, refrigerator compartment, lighting.
  • Autonomous heating with diesel fuel, maintaining the set temperature in the camper.
  • Roof ventilation hatch, two side doors with mosquito nets.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, gel battery, solar panel, 220V inverter.

Travel with Trailer

Unlike the Tabbert Offroad camper and other larger-sized caravans, the Yenisei teardrop trailer can be transported by a light car.

For using the Yenisei travel trailer, category B of your driving licence is sufficient.

You will be needing a ball towbar on your car, a standard socket with 7 contacts, and a little more attention when driving.

With Yenisei teardrop camper, you can drive off the asphalt onto the dirt road, on which a passenger car can pass. So you can stay closer to the quiet natural places.

With the Yenisei camper trailer you can travel all the year round and visit tourist places in any weather.

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