Motorhome 4x4 in Kazakhstan

Motorhome 4x4 Iveco Magirus

This 4WD motorhome provides comfortable and safe movement both on highways and on rough terrain. The four-wheel drive makes a completely off-road travel possible. It is specially constructed to cope with the roughness of rocky, sandy roads, to ford rivers and go deeper into the deserts and mountains.

Besides tourist routes, this off-road motorhome can be used for expeditions and delivery of goods and people to hard-to-reach areas.

Fully equipped for an independent living in the wilderness for several days.

Specifications, Description, Photos

2 Berth RV in Kazakhstan

A cozy living space (10 sq.m.) with ecological wood paneling will shelter you from wind and weather, insects and wild animals.

High Top Camper

Outfitted with all necessary furnishings and appliances: a storage space, a comfortable sleeping area, and a built-in equipped kitchenette.

Recreational Vehicle Kitchen

A gas stove with 2 burners, a sink, water supply and water filter, a big fridge, a microwave, kitchen utensils, a table, cabinets, and cosy sofa beds.

2 Bedroom RV

A comfortable stay in a temperature-controlled cabin with all the necessary bedding.

3 Bedroom RV

Sleeps up to 4 people inside the cabin with sliding sofas and extra space.

Tent on the Roof of RV

For those who wish to spend the night safely in the air, there are additional 2 places in a cozy tent with a soft mattress on the roof of the camper.

All Seasons RV in Kazakhstan

Heating and air conditioning system, 220V power supply, lighting inside and outside the cabin.

RV with TV

The entertainment center includes a DVD-player, and a high-quality audio system. Take your favorite music and films with you and chill out inside the camper.

Smart Motorhome

The lighting, climate and appliances are controlled by Smart Home System with Russian and English user interface.

Solar Panels on RV

Solar panels (300 W), water supply of 500 liters, and solar shower allow you to autonomously stay outdoors for several days.

Four Seasons RV in Kazakhstan

2 off-road motorcycles and up to 6 passengers can be transported in the roomy body of the motorhome.

4WD Camper in Kazakhstan

Special ladders facilitate the loading and unloading of motorcycles.

Off Road Campers with Air Conditioning

When the vehicle is on the move, 2 persons can sit in the cabin (except our driver), and 4 in the living compartment.

Outdoor Travel RV in Kazakhstan

The off-road motorhome provides maximum convenience and comfort, taking into account the movement on rough terrain.

Recommended Routes for Campervan Tours

Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon

Analogous to American Grand Canyon

Charyn Ash Grove

Charyn Ash Grove

Unique Sogdian relic ash

Boguty Red Mountains

Boguty Red Mountains

Mountains with Martian landscape



Follow the Great Conquests of Genghis Khan

Singing Sand Dune

Singing Sand Dune

Dune with an invariable form of sand and organ melody

Aktau White Mountains

Aktau White Mountains

Mountains with a lunar landscape



Open-air temple of the ancient nomads

Almaty Mountains

Almaty Mountains

Mountain plateaus, gorges and rivers