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Discover comfortable ecotourism in the national parks of Kazakhstan and camping in beautiful natural places with accommodation in equipped motorhomes.

Here you can rent a suitable camper and stay in the Caravansarai campsite where you will find various motorhomes in one place.


Caravansarai Campsite

Offroad Campervan Tours

The wide variety of beautiful landscapes, the unspoilt nature and the lack of mass tourism make Kazakhstan one of the best places to visit and a very campervan-friendly country.

We offer tours in all-terrain campers to the most interesting places of Jetysu and Almaty Region.

Tours to Kazakhstan


Camping and caravanning sites in Kazakhstan are mostly located in national parks, where the beauty of wildlife is combined with the safety of a specially protected area.

You can visit tourist places with overnight stay in a picturesque natural place.

National Parks