Off Road Camper in Kazakhstan

Off Road Camper 6X6 Steyr Pinzgauer Puch

Steyr Pinzgauer Puch is an Austrian all-terrain military vehicle specially designed for the Swiss army to provide ambulance services in the Alpine mountains, with a warm camper cabin for transporting people and a comfortable overnight stay.

The military all-terrain vehicle Pinzgauer 6x6 easily copes with rugged terrain, mountain passes, stormy rivers. It is characterized by comfort and safety when traveling on stony and bumpy roads and complete off-road.

If you want to go away from the beaten tracks and reach out-of-the-way places, this expedition camper, managed by our experienced driver, will cope with this task and provide you with a comfortable stay at the point of destination (overnight in a warm and sheltered cabin as well as delivery of necessary equipment and provisions).

Specifications, Description, Photos

The number of passengers is up to 6 people.

Equipped with air conditioning, autonomous heating, 300W solar power station, 220V (1 kW) electricity source, stereo music system, TV.

The spacious insulated camper sleeps 2 people.

Recommended Routes for Campervan Tours



Observatory on a high-mountain pasture (jailau), Turgen Waterfalls

Assy River

Bartogai Lake - Zhaman Uy

Jinishke River

Jinishke River

Bartogai Late - Sarytau mountain pass

Baibulak Gorge

Baibulak Gorge

The most accessible all-season mountain route