Trips to Kazakhstan (Qazaqstan)

To stay outdoors is not about sacrificing comfort.
We bring home comfort to where you want to stay longer.

There are trips in which there is no need to rush. No need to follow strict programs. No need to depend on typical routes.

Unusual Places In Qazaqstan

Unusual Places

Our four-wheel drive campers are not afraid of rocky and sandy roads, on which even jeeps get stuck. You can reach the most secluded corners of nature.

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Motorcycle Tours In Kazakhstan

Fun Leisure

We provide equipment for local bicycle and motorcycle tours. You can learn how to ride an off-road motorcycle and feel the drive of free movement through endless expanses.

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Individual Ecotours In Almaty Region, Qazaqstan (Kazakhstan)

Meditative Rest

You will see what one can rarely see in ordinary quick one-day tours - the beauty of sunset and dawn, the starry sky, the harmony of wildlife. Hear the silence. Feel the Zen.

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