Аренда автодома в Казахстане

4x4 Campervan Tours in the Almaty Region

Have you decided to visit Kazakhstan and see its nature and most beautiful places?

You may avail yourself of any group or individual travel offers for one or more days by sightseeing bus or jeep from local tourist agencies.

But our offer is unique.

We organize trips in all-terrain campers so that to go off the beaten tracks and not to depend on strict tour program.

We organize trips both to the famous tourist attractions and to out-of-the-way wilds.

We organize trips around the Almaty region mostly as it is big enough to include diverse places to see.

Almaty Mountains

Charyn Canyon

Singing Sand Dune

Kazakhstan Steppe

Kazakhstan Summer Pasture (Jailau)

Turgen Gorge

Photo by: Mars Gallyamov / Outdoors.kz

Travel with a camper in Kazakhstan is not the same experience as you may have got used to in your country.

In Kazakhstan there are no good roads and special campgrounds for roomy comfortable motorhomes with personal hygiene facilities which are common in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Then why do we provide such service as campervan tours in Kazakhstan?

Initially, it was our personal experience. We wanted to move beyond regular one-day tours and get deeper into our country's nature by camping in the wild. That required more safety and comfort than a common tent could provide. So the idea of travel with a 4x4 or even 6x6 off-road motorhome came up.

We became quite free to choose where to go, where to stay overnight and how long to stay. We have explored all the suitable places for camping in the Almaty region and now we acquaint people with this kind of trips.

With our cross-country military vehicles equipped with electricity, solar panels and all the necessary things for outdoor recreation, we can stay in any place not depending on indoor shelter and water/electricity sources.

Photo by: Mars Gallyamov / Outdoors.kz

Traveling around Kazakhstan, whether with a camper or by jeep, is always an adventure. Bad dusty roads, lack of campgrounds with toilets, clean water, and other facilities can be a challenge even for experienced tourists. That is why almost all our campers are heavy-duty all-terrain vehicles.

If so, is there a need to get bounced and jounced miles and miles away, sometimes through quite unremarkable landscape until you reach a really beautiful or interesting place?

NO, if you have got used to solid comfort.

YES, if you want to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset with mountains and deserts in the background, bright stars above your head, the harmony of wildlife around. To hear real silence. To escape from civilization.

And, above all, to feel the real nomadic spirit which imbues the land of Kazakhstan.

Photo by: Mars Gallyamov / Outdoors.kz

That is not always attainable in ordinary one-day tours. Or you will have to stay in hotels or guest houses which are crowded in high season, and you will be quite far from the wild.

The nomad culture itself does not exist anymore, but you still can see its traces in places of the unspoilt nature: in the Kazakhstan steppe, on a high-mountain jailau (summer pasture), in petroglyphs of ancient Saka nomads.

Just try to go for a nature trip in Kazakhstan - it is totally different experience!

We have selected the best places for camping in the Almaty region for you to get an idea where to go outdoors. Learn more →

Most Popular Campervan Tours

Tour Highlights:

Relic ash grove (UNESCO site)

Charyn Canyon (UNESCO site)

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Tour Highlights:

Aygaykum (singing sand dune)

Aktau (cretaceous mountains)

Katutau (volcanic mountains)

Besshatyr (grave-mounds of the rulers of the Sak nomads)

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Tour Highlights:

Assy high-mountain plateau

Assy observatory

Turgen waterfalls (Kairak waterfall)

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