Покататься на эндуро байке в Алматы

Motorcycle KTM 690R

KTM 690R is an all-terrain motorcycle with off-road qualities, powerful and lightweight.

The brainchild of Austrian engineers, this motorcycle has absorbed many technical achievements, thanks to which this brand has repeatedly won off-road rallies.

The main advantages of this motorcycle are as follows:

  • it can confidently carry a heavy built driver, as well as a driver with a passenger, heavy weight and large volume of luggage;
  • high power and fast acceleration;
  • can overcome comparatively large distances along country dirt roads;
  • despite the large road slope, in good hands the motorcycle is able to smuggle through rough terrain;
  • relatively low fuel consumption;
  • relatively light weight;
  • good weight distribution and low center of gravity favor sustainable driving;
  • can hold well both off-road and on the track;
  • availability of spare parts and consumables;
  • suitable for experienced bikers, can do much in the right hands.


  • power - 60 hp;
  • weight - 150 kg with full fueling.

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