Motorcycle Trip in Kazakhstan

Off Road Motorbike Tour to Ushkonyr Plateau

One of the most beautiful places near Almaty is the picturesque Ushkonyr plateau with a magnificent panorama of the city underneath. This light one-day motorcycle tour will help you to better relax at the weekend.

Off Road Mountain Bike

The route begins at the foot of the hills near Kaskelen and the village of Ushkonyr. The serpentine road rises steeply up the mountain. Driving sharp turns on your motorcycle, you adapt to it, improve your skills in cornering and balancing.

From the top of the nearest hills there is a panoramic bird's eye view of the foothill valley below. Paragliders fly from the highest hill. We can go up there and watch the masters jump. That is a very popular place.

Almaty Mountains: Ushkonyr Plateau

We move further along the mountain plateau and drive off the asphalt road onto a dirt road. Along the way, you will see picturesque places. Boulders protruding through the soil, high snowy mountains are the excellent background for beautiful photos. In May, you can see a lot of red and yellow tulips, blue irises on the plateau. In July, you can get a harvest of delicious mountain strawberries. Along the way you will come across rare yurts of cattle breeders.

Enduro Mountain Bike

In some places, the road forks and you can explore different routes, with obstacles like streams, a tangled labyrinth road. Through the crests of the hills we get to the end point, a scenic viewpoint overlooking the surroundings of Almaty from above, where you can break your journey and dine before returning to the city.

There are several excellent routes suitable for motorcycling on the Ushkonyr Plateau.

The maximum number of participants in the motorcycle tour is 3 people. We provide a guide for the trip.

You can rent off-road motorcycles in our company. Motorcycles and tourists are delivered directly to the beginning of the route, to the parking lot at the foot of the mountains near the village of Ushkonyr.

We recommend May-November period for this tour, in dry weather.

The price is negotiated on an individual basis, depending on the number of participants and the features of the motorcycle tour.

Call us on +77772266560, and we will organize the most memorable weekend of your life!

Trip Duration

1 day

Distance from Almaty

35 km

Maximum Number of Tourists

3 people

Recommended Time for the Tour

From May to November, in dry weather