Off Road Motorbike Tours: Red Mountains, Kazakhstan

Off Road Motorbike Tour to Red Mountains Boguty

The amazing world of the Martian mountains of Bala Boguta and Ulken Boguty near the city of Almaty is one of the most fascinating motorcycle routes of medium complexity.

The landscape in these places is simply incredible. If you get there after the rain, when the clay from moisture becomes even redder, you feel immediately that you are on the planet Mars. Over the years, the relief of the Boguty mountains was formed under the influence of rain and wind, and canyons were created by nature, which are very similar to a smaller copy of Charyn.

Mountain Bikes in Kazakhstan

The motorcycle route is of medium complexity, so many people can experience such an unusual adventure. We will go from the Kokpek pass to the lava section of the mountains through the mountain valley. The shortest distance of the route for enduro motorcycles along the country road is about 50 kilometers. But it is also possible to choose other local routes to get different impressions of the trip.

The tour is organized on one or two off-road motorcycles that we give for rent during the trip.

You will have the opportunity to study the place in details. You will be able to approach the Red Mountains of Boguty in different ways, for example, through the river channels which are full of water only during heavy rains, which are very rare here.

To explore the caves and other sights, we advise you to spend 2-3 days riding motorbikes in the Boguty Mountains.

Adventure Motorcycle Camping in Kazakhstan

Overnight camping is based on the off-road motorhome at the foot of the Red Mountains.

The vehicle can carry a motorcycle and a passenger if necessary (if you are tired), ensuring a high level of safety and comfort for the participants of the tour.

We guarantee that you will remember such an exclusive trip for life!

The price is negotiated on an individual basis, depending on the number of participants and the features of the motorcycle tour. The cost of the tour consists of tariffs for renting motor vehicles, the cost of transport services, the participation of an instructor, organizing an overnight stay and meals.

Call us on +77772266560, and we will organize a travel to Martian Red Mountains for you!

Trip Duration

At your option. Usually 2 days are required.

Distance from Almaty

170 km

Motorcycle Route Extension

About 50 km

Complexity Level


Transport and Lodging

Motorhome 4x4 Iveco (view description)

Number of Motorcycles for Rent

1-2 enduro motorcycles (view description)