Adventure Motorcycle Trips in Kazakhstan

Off Road Motorbike Tour to Assy High-Mountain Plateau

High Mountain Pasture in Kazakhstan

A through route around the famous jailau (high mountain pasture) starts from the Turgen Gorge, passes through the picturesque Assy plateau, the Assy high-mountain observatory, crosses a shallow river, a grove and then goes through a hilly area with high cliffs and canyons. Then it slowly descends to the Bartogai water reservoir.

The route is very memorable for its diverse views, numerous herds of livestock, colorful yurts of nomadic pastoralists, deep gorges of mountain rivers and canyons. At the end of the route, you will find a green mirror of Bartogai Lake on the Chilik River.

This motorcycle tour is of moderate difficulty if the weather is dry. But for its comfortable passage, enduro motorcycles with off-road tires are needed.

Tourists and motorbikes are delivered by camper van from Almaty to the start of the route, to Batan, the village of geologists, in the Turgen Gorge. There, the asphalt road ends and the dirt road begins.

Off Road Mountain Bike

The road runs along the Turgen River, crossing bridges from one to the other bank. After 20-30 minutes of driving along this steep and difficult route, the road goes to the picturesque part of the gorge, overlooking the Assy observatory. There is a convenient descent to the river, and the road forks. We choose the road to Bartogai, through the Assy plateau.

Then a very exciting route begins. To see these places, many people come to our country from far abroad, even on their own motorbikes.

Rent Camper Van in Kazakhstan

The route ends on the shore of Bartogai Lake. You can arrange overnight stay in this place to relax. The overnight stay is organized on the basis of a four-wheel drive mini-caravan which has necessary tourist equipment on board.

In the morning, motorcycles and tourists are delivered to Almaty. If you wish, you can continue your journey along other routes in this area, and it is also possible to arrange overnight on the route itself on the Assy plateau.

As there is no need to ride on high-speed asphalt roads, motorbike travelers are not at risk, and they also save their strength to experience the maximum of emotions on the off-road route of the Assy plateau.

We escort tourists on our off-road vehicle, so, if a tourist is tired or a motorcycle breaks down, it is possible to safely complete the journey by loading the motorcycle on a platform of the vehicle.

If you have a lot of time, you can also make a trip through the Sary Tau mountains to Zhinishke river, or drive through the Kyzyl Auyz pass and visit the picturesque place of Taban Karagai.

The price is negotiated on an individual basis, depending on the number of participants and the features of the motorcycle tour.

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Trip Duration

At your option. Usually 2 days are required.

Distance from Almaty

80 km

Complexity Level


Transport and Lodging

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