Assy Astronomical Observatory in Kazakhstan

6x6 Campervan Tour to Assy-Turgen

The high-mountain plateau of Assy-Turgen is a huge summer pasture with countless herds of cattle, sheep and horses.

The Assy Observatory, similar to a big Chupa Chups from afar, rises between the snow-capped peaks of the mountains and endless valleys, like a silent shepherd.

Through Assy, the road leads to Kairak Waterfall, the highest in the Turgen Gorge.

Feel the crystal clear air in the midst of the incredible scenery of Zaili Alatau and a real off-road drive on our military all-terrain vehicle along the route which is difficult even for the most powerful SUVs!

Trip Duration

2 days (1 night)

Distance from Almaty

80 km

Transport and Lodging

Off Road Camper 6x6 Steyr Pinzgauer Puch (view description)

Tour Description

Day 1

Departure from Almaty. 3-4 hours drive along the road to Assy Observatory through the Turgen Gorge.

The Assy Observatory was built in Soviet times to observe the giant planets.

Drive along the high-mountain plateau of Assy.

Assy is the only observatory in Kazakhstan with an ideal astroclimate; the air here is crystal clear.

The 6x6 triaxial all-terrain camper overcomes steep mountain roads, rivers and rocky passes more easily than SUVs. The camper carries more things and equipment and provides a warm overnight in the harsh conditions of the mountains.

Stop for rest and picnic near the mountain river along the road.

Traveling with a camper allows you to stay in any place you like to enjoy the beauties of nature.

Arrival at the place of overnight stay near the Kairak Waterfall, setting camp.

With a spacious camper, you can take more personal items, food and drinks with you than on a walking tour, jeep or bus tour.

Tourists usually reach the Kairak Waterfall on foot within 2-3 hours. But you can get there by car through the Assy Plateau. There is a picnic ground by the mountain river not so far from the waterfall.

The road is very picturesque but requires high cross-country qualities of transport, since it starts with a steep climb along a rocky road, and then runs along an alpine plateau, passes through several mountain streams.

A short walking route to the Kairak Waterfall.

The Kairak Waterfall is the highest of the seven Turgen waterfalls (55 m).

Campfire dinner.

The camper allows you to bring all kinds of camping equipment with you: chairs, rugs, gas burners, etc.

Overnight in the camper by the mountain river.

The spacious insulated cabin of the camper sleeps 2 people.

Day 2

Breakfast. Return to Almaty.

Enjoy a beautiful and fresh morning in the mountain gorge of Turgen, in the dense forests of which you can pick mushrooms and berries according to the season.

Visiting a spruce forest with blue mosses along the way.

Spruce forests with a thick layer of moss are found right next to the road, in contrast to the inaccessible relict Chinturgen moss spruce trees in impassable thicket.

Off-road campervan tours open up new spaces for you. Life should not be dull! Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Order Terms

Recommended number of passengers: 2-4 people.

Recommended travel time: from March to November, but also possible at other times of the year.

This sightseeing tour can be combined with a visit to Bartogai mountain lake through picturesque Kyzylauyz and Sarytau mountain passes.

The duration of the tour can be changed at the request of tourists.

The cost of the tour is calculated individually.


Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Where is the Assy Observatory located?

The territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park. Location: about 80 km east of the city of Almaty in the depths of the Zaili Alatau mountains.

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