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4x4 Campervan Tour to Red Mountains of Boguty

The landscape of the Boguty (Bogety) Mountains resemble the surface of the red planet Mars. You feel like you are really on Mars, the red-hot desert of Boguty gives you such an impression. But this is only in the hot summer, and the rest of the year, the Boguty planet is very friendly and diverse, with 50 shades of red: from soft pastel to bright exuberant colors, contrasting the bright-blue sky.

The Red Mountains of Boguty are territorially related to the Charyn National Park. However, this is a very quiet and secluded place, remote from such popular routes as the Charyn Canyon, but also very special and beautiful.

Take a break from everyday hustle and bustle of the city - the Red Mountains Boguty are simply created for solitude in the wilderness.

Trip Duration

2 days (1 night)

Distance from Almaty

170 km

Transport and Lodging

Motorhome 4x4 Iveco (view description)

Tour Description

Day 1

Departure from Almaty. The road takes you to the village of Baiseit, where you can buy food, fresh vegetables and fruits, and also have breakfast in a cafe (4-5 hours).

A big fridge and the built-in kitchenette in the camper allow you to transport and store large stocks of provisions.

2-3 hours drive along a picturesque country road, through an oasis to the Red Mountains.

The eastern part of the mountains is Bala Boguty, a zone of the protected regime of the Charyn National Park.

4WD motorhome is the most suitable transport for traveling to the Boguty mountains. The part of the way is off-road. And due to the lack of water sources and any signs of civilization, tourists, jeepers and bikers rarely stay overnight here. Good supplies of water and food, sources of heat and electricity are a must.

The offroad motorhome copes with this task and allows you to spend the night in this beautiful secluded place, to see the incomparable beauty of sunset and dawn, to feel the harmonious routine of the Red Mountains wildlife.

Walking in the mountains and gorges, picturesque riverbeds, through lava mountains, visiting the local cave and the ancient encampment.

The age of the red-colored clays of the Boguty mountains is 35 million years.

Motorcycle or bicycle rides are optional.

Boguty abound in walking, cycling and motorcycle routes along low mountains and gorges.

Grilled dinner. Overnight in the motorhome at the foot of the Red Mountains of Boguty.

Boguty is one of the most ideal places for a secluded and unusual holiday in the wild.

Day 2

Breakfast. Morning walk through the mountains. Lunch. Return to Almaty.

Practice an incomparable morning meditation - take a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a leisurely breakfast in the absolute silence among stunningly beautiful views.

The motorhome allows you to "plunge" into nature and not depend on civilization. Try this unusual and unforgettable leisure with your near and dear ones! Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Order Terms

Recommended number of passengers: 2-4 people.

Recommended travel time: from March to November, but also possible at other times of the year.

In addition, you can rent a light off-road motorcycle, bicycles for walking. The equipment is transported in the motorhome.

This sightseeing tour can be combined with a visit to the Wooden Lake, as well as the other attractions of the Charyn National Park (Charyn Ash Grove, Charyn Canyon, the hot spring pool).

The duration of the tour can be changed at the request of tourists.

The cost of the tour is calculated individually.


Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Where are the Boguty Mountains located?

The territory of the Charyn National Park. Location: about 170 km east of the city of Almaty between the two rivers Charyn and Chilik. The Boguty mountains are the foothills and the eastern part of the Zaili Alatau ridge.

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