Charyn Canyon Tour

4x4 Campervan Tour to Charyn

Resembling the American Grand Canyon, Charyn attracts tourists from all over the world by its unique Asian charm and hospitality.

This 12-million-year-old natural monument is worth getting to know it properly, and not on the run. The surroundings allow you to stay there for the night with a magnificent panorama of the canyon.

Feel its beauty and grandeur to the fullest! In few places you can see such a starscape as on Charyn.

Trip Duration

3 days (2 nights)

Distance from Almaty

200 km

Transport and Lodging

Motorhome 4x4 Iveco (view description)

Tour Description

Day 1

Ash Grove

Departure from Almaty. 3-4 hours drive along the highway. Arrival at the Charyn Ash Grove.

Traveling with a camper allows you to stop for the night in this unique place that is rarely offered in common tours to Charyn.

Lunch. Walking in the relic grove. Visiting the Aksakal ash trees ("elders").

The age of some trees is 250-300 years, the height is about 25-30 m.

  • On the territory of the Charyn National Park, there is one of the two relict ash groves in the world that survived the Ice Age. The second grove is located in North America. However, Sogdian relic ash only grows here.
  • The Charyn ash grove is declared a natural monument under the auspices of UNESCO. It has Aksakal trees ("elders"), remarkable for their size and old age.

On the Charyn River naked osman fishing is allowed.

On a camping tour you can enjoy a leisurely meditative vacation.

Dinner (lighting a fire on the grill is optional).

The motorhome is equipped with a kitchenette: gas, fridge, microwave, water supply, cooking place and dining table.

Overnight in a motorhome on the territory of the ash grove. Sauna rental available.

Spotlights inside the comfortable cabin and along the outer perimeter create a cozy home space in the wilderness.

Day 2

Charyn Canyon

Breakfast. 1-2 hours drive to the Charyn canyon on a country road.

The large motorhome allows you to bring an off-road motorcycle with you and arrange a motor drive through the expanses of the Charyn National Park.

Charyn Canyon walking tour.

Red Canyon, or "Valley of Castles" is the most popular tourist destination. Great for photo shoots.

  • The length of the entire Charyn Canyon is 154 km along the Charyn River.
  • The length of the Red Canyon, or the “Valley of Castles” is 3 km, the width is from 20 to 130 m, the depth is up to 100 m.

Dinner. Overnight in the motorhome near the Charyn Canyon.

At night, be sure to admire the rare and beautiful sight - the starry sky in Charyn.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure to Almaty.

Enjoy your favorite delicious breakfast overlooking the wonderful panorama of the Charyn Canyon.

Camping on wheels offers a unique experience, and regardless of whether you are relaxing with friends, family or alone, you will surely have unforgettable memories of the trip. Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Order Terms

Recommended number of passengers: 2-4 people.

Recommended travel time: from March to November, but also possible at other times of the year.

In addition, you can rent a light off-road motorcycle, bicycles for walking. The equipment is transported in the motorhome.

This sightseeing tour can be combined with a visit to Uzunbulak Canyon ("Lunar Canyon"), the Bartogai Reservoir, as well as visits to other national parks, Altyn-Emel and Kolsai Lakes.

The duration of the tour can be changed at the request of tourists.

The cost of the tour is calculated individually.


Photo by: Mars Gallyamov /

Where is the Charyn Canyon located?

Location: about 200 km east of the city of Almaty, near the border with China.

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