Mobile Bathhouse Trailer

Mobile Bathhouse Trailer

The pull-behind mobile sauna is a unique option for outdoor recreation which is usually associated with picnics and camping only. Feel the clean mountain air immediately after leaving the woodfired steam-room - this is incomparable to a city sauna!

With the mobile bathhouse you can arrange full relaxation on any campsite, away from city noise and fuss.

Specifications, Description, Photos

  • Stable biaxial transport trailer with retractable supports.
  • Decorated with natural wood inside and out.
  • Dressing room with a bench.
  • Powerful Harvia stove with external firewood loading and viewing window, hot water tank, lighting.
  • Capacity - 2 adults.
  • Compact and quick (completely fires up within 30 minutes).

The mobile bathhouse can be transported mainly on asphalt or flat dirt roads. We can deliver the bath trailer to the place of your outdoor recreation and take it back.

Recommended Routes

  • Almaty outskirts
  • Butakovka gorge
  • Big Almaty Lake
  • Kaskelen gorge
  • Aksai Gorge
  • Turgen Gorge